The Foundation is a non-profit organization with the sole mission to support Cold Spring School and its educational programs through financial donations.  We host 2 major events throughout the year. Our first is the Fall Campaign which is our only direct ask for financial donations to go directly to the School.  The second is our Spring Gala, which is an auction/fun night out where we raise more money for our specialist programs and any special projects that need funding for that year. 

The parent club is a sub-division of the Foundation. Parent Club is mostly responsible for providing teachers with stipends for school supplies, managing our “School Swag” Store, and hosting the super fun events the kids know and love throughout the year. (Move-a-thon Fall Festival, etc) They oversee the Room Parent and Lounge Fairy Program as well as hosting the back to school bbq, and beach day. 

Great! We’d love for you to get involved. You can email Zoe Copus ( zoecopus@gmail.com ) for interest in the parent club. You can email the foundation directly for ways to get involved with the foundation. (coldspringschoolfoundation@gmail.com) 

Our website: coldspringfoundation.com
The School District Website: www.coldspringschool.net

Absolutely not. We will try to keep our emails concise and to the point.  Our website will have most of the information you need and will be updated regularly.

Yes! We have a lot of events throughout the year, organized by both the Foundation and Parent Club.  There is a calendar of events on our website.  In addition, this year we will also be re-instating our Cold Spring Socials—some of you may remember them as “Party Books.”  These are a great way to meet and get together with fellow families through a variety of activities/experiences. 

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